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    Coal Marketing Management Information System
        For coal enterprises, on-site coal transportation management is the key link of normal operation of enterprises. It involves many management and control links such as truck scale, track scale, coal yard, coal bunker, transportation department, marketing department, transport personnel and vehicles, and many other users. In the cooperation of personnel, equipment and materials, it is easy to cause problems such as running, dripping and leakage, which will bring huge economic losses to enterprises over the years. At the same time, how to reduce personnel investment and personnel costs is also the core issue of modern enterprise coal transportation management.
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    Coal Marketing Management Information System
        In view of the above problems, Jinma Weighing Apparatus has summarized the industry experience from many years of practical application and developed a coal marketing management information system, which has been widely used in many large coal enterprises in China and has been affirmed by the vast number of users.

    Coal marketing management information system integrates contract order management, plan dispatch management, vehicle on-site delivery management, coal yard or bunker loading management, track weighing management, settlement management, intelligent report analysis and other functions. In the whole process of weighing, automatic and reliable collection, automatic discrimination, automatic prompting, automatic processing and automatic control of measurement data can be achieved, which can realize on-site unattended weighing or remote weighing in centralized control room, minimize the drawbacks caused by manual operation and work intensity, and make the whole process of coal marketing and transportation credible. Interest, to maximize the avoidance of leakage problems, improve the efficiency of transportation.

    In addition to the above traditional applications, Jinma weighing apparatus integrates the needs of coal enterprises for on-site use and actively expands the system functions.

    In view of the problem that the staff need to copy the car number on the spot in the existing weighing business of railway weighing scale, which is inefficient and frequently occurs safety accidents, the company has successfully developed and implemented an automatic capture system for the car number of railway weighing scale, which enables the staff to copy the car number in the centralized control room, greatly improving the business efficiency and reducing the intention at the same time. The probability of accidents. At the same time, the company has upgraded the existing technology through AI technology, which can realize the automatic identification of vehicle number, and further enhance the degree of system informatization and application effect.

    In view of the problems of low efficiency and poor working environment in the original coal caving business, the company has successfully developed and implemented a long-distance automatic coal caving system for coal bunker, which enables the staff to operate the coal feeder remotely in the centralized control room, realizes automatic coal caving and improves the business efficiency.

    Aiming at the coal loading business of forklift truck in coal yard, the functions of electronic fence, forklift dispatch, forklift positioning, cross-regional alarm and forklift track inquiry can be realized through Beidou+GPS positioning technology. The coal loading business of forklift truck can be strictly controlled and the illegal phenomenon of forklift truck loading on site can be eliminated.

    Cashma Coal Marketing Management Information System has been successfully applied in many large coal enterprises at the group level, which provides a strong support for the informatization construction of coal enterprises and brings practical benefits to coal enterprises.